Stephen Ford - Solo Exhibition

“Used To Be” by Stephen Ford marks an exciting evolution in the process of painting for this talented Contemporary Artist, culminating with a compelling solo show at Dynamite Gallery. 

“Used To Be” presents an entirely new collection of delicate and distinctive paintings which speak to Stephen Ford's ongoing themes of conservation and captivity, combining Ford's masterful technical abilities as a painter, deftly adding soulful meaning and a powerful sense of emotional connection to the important ideas these paintings convey.

Ford's entrancing depictions of wild and endangered animals offer a reverence for the beauty of nature and linger on the majesty of each subject he paints, created with painstaking layers of skillfully applied spray and oil paints which are laden with emotion and tinged with a sense of anxiety.

Each mesmerisingly beautiful subject of Stephen Ford's paintings suffers the same uneasy doubts surrounding their survival, sentiments which are only enhanced by the limbo-like quality echoed in the paintings absent, empty backgrounds.