Star Wars Group Exhibition

War in the Stars

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2.11.18 - 31.12.18

Press Release:

In a period of worldwide political tension spearheaded by a reality TV star as the leader of the free world, and a British government ready to jump off a cliff, Lemmings style, some of us are seeking solace in a fantasy world set in a galaxy far, far away.

Following the incredibly well received Wizard of Oz group show this summer, Brighton based Dynamite Gallery are celebrating the space opera imagination of George Lucas with War in the Stars.

Featuring a collection of artists from around the world, the Star Wars themed group show will be an eclectic mix of original and printed artwork, sculpture, and custom toys.

Gallery owner Henry Gomez says of the show:

“Before Star Wars even existed as we know it today Ralph McQuarrie’s conceptual art provided the visual basis for the most important film series of all time. Star Wars was art long before it was ever a movie.”

Now over 40 years old, Star Wars is a true cross generational property and artists are inspired by different eras of the popular franchise. For some, that is a love of the original trilogy, while younger artists are inspired by the cartoons and newer movies in the series.

Gomez continued “Star Wars is such an all encompassing cultural phenomenon, that it has inspired so many different artists to be creative in different ways. From beautiful abstract portraits of much loved characters to custom resin Star Wars inspired toys that people are moulding in their kitchens. It means SO much to so many people, and in so many ways.”

Carne Griffiths

James Hance 

The Paint Box Letters

Graham Carter

Milhaus Draws

Marietta Art 

Rod Martinez Art

W Fine Art Studios

Victoria hdk

Strange Case Company

The Private Press

Rossi Carmina 

Curly Mark 

Lucy Harvison 

Danny Schlitz

Joseph Loughborough

Scum and villainy sketches

The Darkinker


Fabiano Broki

Brighton Glass

Cristhian Hova

Salty de Souffle

Jens Kuczwara

Amanda Ward 

Grant Richards

Martin Varennes-Cooke

Sophie Gibson

More to come.....