REQ Solo Show Throughout August


The new work at Dynamite consists of 14 pieces - 

all of which are graphite nudes and portraits of my Muse HH that have been tinted and then framed behind glass

with an obscuring layer of spray paint and marker pen tags and mess.

This layer is then scraped or sanded back to reveal her again in varying amounts.

Buyers of the pieces are invited to erase as much mess as they desire to reveal or leave concealed the beautiful muse....


Additional writing for the show...


Hi there.

While you’ve all been busy discovering ‘Street Art’ and it’s predecessor

‘Graffiti’ I’ve been working on  something ‘next’ for you.

We aren’t going to go all ‘Contemporary’ and weird – don’t worry!

I’ve been contemplating the interesting fact that ‘Street Art’is easy to sell but the beautiful images I make of my Muse are not easy to find buyers for.

Why is that?

Nervousness surrounding the evolved beauty of humans especially a woman's natural form is prevalent....

people aren't sure if they are allowed to like and appreciate her.

It seems that an aesthetic of beauty may be at odds with what people feel is current...

the word ‘edgy’ comes to mind.....

A sloppy word at best that describes sloppy actions and perhaps the addition of some symbols of perceived danger ...

A grenade

A skull

A burning butterfly

Haven’t you got bored with it yet?

Well I’ve given up on ‘Street Art’ athough I often paint on the streets and I’ve swapped the lines of graffiti lettering for the curves of my Muse.

Can you take it?


Well I’ve decided to hide my Muse until you are ready to see and accept her...

It may take a few weeks... it may take a few years....

you may never be able to accept these devotional works where the Artist’s Muse is exalted!

But if you do remember that she is there behind all of that ’Street’ mess and all you have to do is take a sharp implement and scrape away my old tag styles and crew names –

erase the years of inanity... take some wire wool and be prepared to be shocked by the image of a wondrous woman

in her resplendent natural state.

Then you will have become a participant in the creation of ‘balance’ between what is trashy and what is beautiful /

what is ‘street’ and what is ‘gallery’ /

what is folk art and what is fine art /

                                                                                                                     what is censored and what is free /

                                                                                                   what is acceptable and what is inacceptable /

what is expensive and what is ‘cheap’ /

 what is shallow and what is deep /

what is disposable and what can stand contemplation /

what is safe and what might be sexist/

what is hate and what is love?