Inward Sky: behind the scenes with Sam Hewitt


It’s no secret here at Dynamite we’re big fans of local artist Sam Hewitt. We’re therefore delighted to host Inward Sky, our third solo show with the artist in as many years, which is currently open and runs until 13 May. 


Working with Sam over this time, we feel we’ve really got to know him as an artist and feel lucky to be a part of his journey. As with most notable artists, there’s often a great deal of emotion and personal expression conveyed through their work, and this is most definitely the case with Sam.


More so in his latest body of work there’s a greater feeling of understanding Sam’s journey of self-exploration and of himself. In some cases being there in the special moments when Sam realises the deeper subconscious connections he has with his paintings.


For us this is an exciting development in his work as the journey to knowing yourself and understanding your own emotions and behaviours is ongoing. It’s a process that even until a persons dying day is perhaps never truly complete. We’re intrigued by the prospect of Sam’s future paintings revealing untold stories, often-vulnerable revelations about his life, and hearing others project their own thoughts and experiences onto the various people and scenes in each piece. For us this is what makes his work truly special.


Aesthetically whether you know or care about art and the story behind it or otherwise, the play with shadow and light is instantly alluring. We’ve lost count of the smiles we see spread across faces of those standing in front of one of Sam’s pieces; you can almost see them feel the sun on their faces.


We love the influx of warmer colours in Inward Sky, inspired by Sam’s recent Marrakech trip with Panasonic, and the juxtaposed Morrocan people and culture with those and that of the more familiar Brighton and Hove.


It's that evocative feeling that creates the all-important connection with a piece of art you should have in your home to love and enjoy on a daily basis. At the private view it was a joy to see so many ‘I get it’ moments between viewers and the works, with five large originals sold to new homes, as well as several limited edition print box sets.


Every piece in the show tells its own story and it’s fair to say the next two weeks will be the only opportunity to see these pieces on public display before they go on to private collections and well-deserved new homes.


With three pieces already included as part of the Hiscox Collection, and this newfound journey of self-discovery conveyed through his art, Sam Hewitt is quickly catching the interest of the contemporary art world. Not to mention his other creative outlets featuring music and politically charged, satirical, sell-out art performances.


Thank you to everyone who made it down to the private view – on a pouring down with rain Friday night we were very humbled and grateful to have such a buzzing gallery. And big thanks to our friends at Maverick Drinks who sent us some delicious Kyrö Gin from Finland, which went down extremely well with everyone.


We thought you might enjoy the following five little known facts about Sam and his work:


  • Sam paints mainly from photographs taken on his camera. His shadows are typically two thirds longer than the bodies they fall away from.


  • Sam paints in only four colours; cadmium red, cadmium yellow, monestial blue and opaque white.


  • Sam’s dad Robert is a psychotherapist, although he now lives in Australia he and Sam are very close and he regularly travels back to support his son in his work and life endeavors. He’s clearly had a profound influence on Sam’s artistic approach and applied concept. Each journey we take into the mystery of another being is an adventure into uncharted territory.” Rob Hewitt (Sam’s dad)


  • Sam paints mainly from his studio in Hove, part of the Workhaus collective creative workspace. His works in progress hang and rotate from the ceiling while the oils dry and he has a sofa he found in the street next to his admin desk for breakouts. It’s as he found it, well loved and extremely comfy and features childlike biro drawings of people set deep in the leather.


  • Sam has been a musician for as long as he’s been a painter. He’s done three world tours with a previous band and is now in trio called ‘The Private Sector’. The band releases their first 7” single on vinyl via Bleeding Heart Records this summer.


Lastly, if you liked our gin drinks on the night, aka the sip to your summer, follow this recipe:


Inward Sky Gin & Tonic


Awarded the World’s Best Gin for Gin&Tonic by IWSC in 2015, this tasty Napue Gin served with rosemary and cranberries has become a favourite among G&T lovers (and now also our PV attendees).


  • 4 cl Kyrö Napue
  • 10 cl Fever-Tree Indian Tonic
  • A twig of rosemary
  • Cranberries (fresh or frozen)


Build into a glass filled with ice. Garnish with a twig of rosemary and a few cranberries.


Enjoy! DG team x