Heroes and Villains

Private View: 01.03.19

Open to the public:

02.03.19 - 28.04.19

With the ridiculousness of a Brexit that keeps spluttering on and a Mexican wall that will never get built but that is stopping hardworking Americans from getting paid, its time to escape the realities of the real world and enter the alternate Earth's of the comic book and the heroes we actually look up to.

Following the incredibly popular War in the Stars group exhibition this winter, Brighton based Dynamite Gallery are championing Heroes and Villains and the comic book realities they inhabit.

Featuring a collection of artists from around the world, the comic book themed group show will display an eclectic mix of original and printed artwork, sculpture, and custom toys.

Gallery owner Henry Gomez says of the show:

Since Iron Man came out in the cinemas just over 10 years ago, the Superhero genre has taken over the mainstream. No longer the preserve of geeks in their bedrooms, these characters some of them over 80 years old, are everywhere we look, dominating the box office, taking over our TV screens, and becoming some of the biggest selling computer games of all time.

While these comic book characters have escaped the confines of the original books and broken out into every form of media imaginable, the show aims to highlight and reinterpret what is traditionally a simple form of illustration into incredibly expressive works of art.

Gomez continued The art work of Jack Kirby, Joe Shuster, Bob Kane, and Bill Finger, and so many others, plus the incredible characters that Stan Lee and Jerry Siegal helped create have inspired generations of kids and adults alike. Taking us away from the monotony of real life and taking us to places beyond our imaginations. Metropolis, Wakanda, Xandar, none of these places exist but weve visited all of them. With Captain Marvel, Avengers: Endgame, and maybe the ultimate escapism character Shazam! all having new films this year, we felt it was the perfect time to celebrate these heroes who are better people than the political leaders we are meant to follow and be inspired by. We can escape the grim realities of the real world with the help of these colourful characters.