Dynamite Takeover

Dynamite Takeover
“Kali Yuga” - The Sam Hewitt Show
Central Parade, Walthamstow
7pm - 10pm

This August, Dynamite Gallery are heading to East London to host the first of their Takeover events.

Representing an international platform of creative talent, these will be events that neither collectors nor art lovers will want to miss.

When attending these shows, you will have the chance to purchase originals, as well as a selection of collectable prints,  some of which are exclusive for the shows.

The first event will be “Kali Yuga”, a show exhibiting the work of Sam Hewitt. For just one night, guests will have the chance to be the first to purchase the work and meet the artist of the show. The show will then move to Brighton where it will continue for the whole of September.

To attend the first evening, you need to RSVP by 5pm on the day to: mail@dynamitegallery.com

The event will run from 6pm until 9pm at Central Parade, 6-10 Central Parade, Hoe Street, Walthamstow, London, E17 4RT.

A little bit about us:

Dynamite Gallery has been around since 2013, building a following by constantly pulling in elegant, edgy and unusual work, ranging from contemporary pop art to fine art with some traditional qualities.

We strongly believe that there is far too much greatness out there to be stuck, rigid, exhibiting just one kind of art form.

We are now a significant name in the Brighton art scene, so the next step for Dynamite Gallery is to leap into these one night events in London, giving us the chance to show off the work of some incredible artists, and giving a greater audience the chance to take that work home.

Sam Hewitt is a Brighton artist, creating work that not only stands out for its overall beauty, but can also be appreciated for its brushwork, colour palette, and the way he paints somewhere quite ordinary and with his artistry, turns it into a place that we recognise, and long to be a part of. 

We can honestly say that this is an artist that draws with such heart, and belief in his subject, that whatever he puts his brush to, he pulls you in.

Along with our full appreciation for Sam’s work, we have become close with the artist, growing a bond with him and the work, understanding it for its deeper, more personal message.

We represent this artist’s work proudly, knowing that there is an exciting journey ahead.