Dynamite Gallery and Coffee & TV present "Reality Does Not Impress Me"

Dynamite Gallery and Coffee & TV present "Reality Does Not Impress Me"

Join us for this exclusive exhibition's Private View, as we bring together a fantastic selection of artists for the first time. 

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Get ready to be blown away by the skill, creativity, power and elegance from some of best on the scene.  

We host exhibitions that let viewers explore the minds of unique artists, have a say in the work we exhibit and, most importantly, find something fresh for their homes. We also support the journey of our artists, giving them the opportunity to explore their world by delving into it and discovering new ideas.



This is an exhibition for art enthusiasts and collectors looking for the next piece for their collection.





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Dreamy Ox, Bran Symondson, Amy Dury, KASSEUS, Iva Troj, Danielle Tomlinson, Thumbs, Ange Bell, Ian Butcher, Eddy Bennett, Mei Mei, Kalle Hellzén, Gabriela Bodin,  Hannah Shillito, Lewis Banister, Andreas Rousounelis, James Cowland, Pattern Up, Maya Land, Pink Boneyard, Amy Gardner, Trafford Parsons, Billy Ludwig, Mark Illuminati, ARMX, Cassia Beck, Timothy O'Brien, Jens Wortmann, Hamish Frater, Marty Thornton, Arpo Draw, Frances Anderson, Carne Griffiths, Rosco Brittin, Populuxe, Josh George, Helenya Apostolou, Romain Pouyau, James Kingman, Naama Commander, Wayne Clough.