80's Film & T.V Nostalgia Group Exhibition

We are very excited to announce our next group exhibition, which is focussed on 1980's film & T.V. 

Nostalgia plays a strong role in the life of a person in their 30's or 40's, and can you blame us when we grew up in the decade of incredible film with phenomenal special effects and awesome characters. T.V that wasn't, lets say, quite as strong, but definitely memorable, and cartoons and toys that took us kids into an imaginary world like never before. 

Available for sale at the show, will be original artwork, collectable prints, sculptures and designer toys. 

Purchase work on line here

To attend please RSVP here

We have a fantastic collection of artists involved in this exhibition, including:

Carne Griffiths

Timothy O'Brien

Rudy Obrero


Paul Malone

Simeon Aston  

Cassette Lord

Neon Unicorn

Henry Gomez

Ange Bell


Emma Nicol 

Rats Tooth

Laura Tinald

The Skull Lady

Nick Cockburn

Little Hurricane 

Andrew Ahern

Salty De Souffle 

Young Earl Grey

Pixel Noise

Manic Minator

The Darkinker